Guru Guru 豆豆床墊坐墊 貓狗適用 Bean Bed Venti


顏色: eco fur cream
  • Guru Guru是一個來自韓國的知名寵物品牌,提供高品質的寵物產品。
  • 豆豆床褥是他們特別設計的防水寵物床褥系列。
  • 豆豆床褥採用防水面料,有效防止液體滲透到床褥內部,保持床褥的清潔和衛生。
  • 對於有小寵物或老年寵物容易出現意外的主人來說尤其重要。
  • 防水特性可以保護床褥免受水濺或意外造成的損壞。
  • 豆豆床褥使用高密度記憶棉填充,提供舒適和支撐性。
  • 它能夠適應和支撐寵物的身體,減輕壓力點,提供舒適的休息環境。
  • 豆豆床褥可拆卸和可清洗,清潔方便。
  • 只需將床褥外殼拉開,就可以輕鬆清洗和乾燥,確保寵物始終睡在乾淨和衛生的環境中。
  • Guru Guru的豆豆床褥是寵物舒適和健康的理想選擇。
  • 它結合了防水功能、舒適性和可清洗的特點,為寵物提供溫暖、乾淨和舒適的休息場所。
  • 無論是狗還是貓,它們都會喜歡這個特別設計的豆豆床褥。
  • Guru Guru is a popular pet brand from South Korea that offers high-quality pet products.
  • The Bean Bean Bedding series is a specially designed waterproof pet mattress.
  • The Bean Bean Bedding features waterproof fabric to prevent liquid from seeping into the mattress, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.
  • It is particularly useful for pet owners with small pets or older pets prone to accidents.
  • The waterproof feature protects the mattress from damage caused by spills or accidents.
  • The Bean Bean Bedding provides comfort and support with its high-density memory foam filling.
  • It adapts to and supports the pet's body, relieving pressure points and providing a comfortable rest environment.
  • The mattress is removable and washable, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Guru Guru's Bean Bean Bedding is an ideal choice for pet comfort and health.
  • It combines waterproof functionality, comfort, and washability to provide a warm, clean, and comfortable resting place for pets.
  • Suitable for both dogs and cats, they will love this specially designed Bean Bean Bedding.


Size: 70*80*20cm

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