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Buy the World for your Pets.

Nexgard Spectra

六粒裝 五個體重可選擇

一個月服用一粒 味道像肉粒容易入口

Six-piece set with five weight options to choose from. Take one capsule per month, tastes like a meatball and is easy to swallow.

Nexgard Spectra

三合一配方 包含心絲蟲


Three-in-one formula including heartworm, fully protects pets’ health.

Nexgard Spectra

已經超過500盒訂單 回購程度98% 信心保證

Already exceeded 500 orders with a repurchase rate of 98%. We guarantee confidence in our product.


基本查詢問題, 可以在這裏解答你們

Our customer support is available Monday to Sunday: 12:00-24:00Average answer time: within 1 hour

Premium Pet Show 2021


First time participating in the Wan Chai Exhibition pet supplies exhibition.

Puppy Summer Fun Expo


Prepared on-site ready-to-eat dog ice cream

Premium Pet Supplies Expo 2022

Our second time.

Hong Kong Pet Show 2022


First time participating in the largest pet exhibition in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Pet Show 2023


Second time participating in the largest pet exhibition in Hong Kong.

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