Lucymo SSdamSSdam 狗用清潔手套 (椰子香味)


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Lucymo SSdamSSdam 狗狗清潔手套 (椰子香味)

COCO SSdamSSdam 狗用濕巾可用於在洗澡之間快速清潔,或者不適合傳統洗澡時保持寵物清潔。



在滋潤和滋養寵物的皮膚和皮毛方面,效果是普通椰子油的 3 倍。
天然抗菌並含有抗氧化劑。 它是 100% 植物性的,不含任何化學物質。
對狗絕對安全。 獨特的手套形濕巾 手套形濕巾厚實且雙層,可在每張濕巾中容納更多的培養椰子提取物。
手套可雙面使用,只需擦拭 1 次即可清潔小型犬。
無需乾燥。 椰子油可以被皮膚吸收,不會刺激皮膚。

Especially for 

1. after dog walk

2. pet disease

3. large dog

4. injured dog

5. pregnant/ breast-feeding

6. smelly

- dogs saying NO to bath

- simple dog shower after often dog walks

- when smelling bad

- eureka for energetic large dog

- when difficult to take a bath due to external injury


COCO SSdamSSdam Wet Wipes for Dogs is useful for a quick clean-up between baths, or a way to keep your pet clean when a traditional bath is not suitable.

  • Use regularly after walks.
  • Useful post-surgery, where bathing may not be appropriate.
  • Use for dogs who simply hate bath time.
  • Clean around the eyes, ears and wipe off tear stains safely.
  • Tested on humans.

Why is Cultured Coconut Extract so special?

  • 3 times more effective than regular coconut oil in moisturising and nourishing your pet's skin and fur.
  • Naturally antimicrobial and contains antioxidants. It is 100% plant-based and contains no chemical substances.
  • Contains probiotics, which regular coconut oil does not have.
  • Has increased levels of oleic acid and linolic acid due to the fermentation process required in the extraction from coconut oil.
  • Absolutely safe for dogs. Unique glove-shaped wipes Glove-shaped wipes are thick and double-layered to hold more cultured coconut extract in each wipe.
  • Gloves can be used on both sides, and only 1 wipe is needed to clean a small dog.
  • Hand shaped design allows easy access to sensitive areas around the eyes, muzzle, ears, and paws.
  • Comes in a resealable pack, to ensure that the first wipe is just as good as the last.
  • No drying is required. Oil can be absorbed by the skin and will not irritate the skin.

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